Love & Toast

Adorable new beauty products have just arrived from Love & Toast!

Love & Toast was created by Margot Elena with the philosophy that “It is just as important to do good, as it is to look good.” Part of every sale of one of these products goes to Girls, Inc., who encourage girls to be “Strong, smart and bold.” Our selection at Julia James includes perfumes in two sizes, as well as hand creams and lip balms. These products are paraben and petrolatum free, with no artificial colors or animal ingredients and the perfumes are made with natural alcohol. Love & Toast never tests on animals and the cute paper packaging comes from 100% annually renewed resources.

We have 4 different fragrances to choose from:

Sugar Grapefruit   Lily, Warm Musk, Orange, Pink Grapefruit 

 Paper Flower   Ylang ylang, Rose, Dewberry Waterlily


Madarin Tea   Orange Blossom, Pomegranate, Neroli, African rooibos

Gin Blossom   Verbena Leaves, Mandarin Blossom, Spring Dew, Citrus Zest

These Love & Toast products would make a great gift for someone or a nice little treat for yourself!

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